As a security engineer, I spend most of my working day in a linux CLI environment. So I’d like to have the fastest & least resource hogging tool for the job.

I did some research, and found two interesting takes on the issue, one on and one on

After reading that, I decided to try out xterm, so I ran xterm.

Too bright, too small

As you could see, there’s a slight size and color issue.

I looked around xterm’s man page, and managed to put together the following command to get a usable xterm.

xterm \
  -fa 'Monospace' \
  -fs 12 \
  -bg black \
  -fg lightgray \
  -sl 1000000 \
  -aw \
  -cr darkgreen \
  -j +vb +mb \
  -xrm 'XTerm*selectToClipboard: true' \
  -xrm 'xterm*VT100.Translations: #override \ Ctrl Shift <Key>V:    insert-selection(CLIPBOARD) \n\ Ctrl Shift <Key>C:    copy-selection(CLIPBOARD)'

Just right

It works much better now.