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Auditing AD user passwords 4th december 2019

Say you’re a blue teamer in an organisation of a few thousand people. Unless you’re in a kubernetized, SaaSified and cloudified startup, you’re likely to have an Active Directory running. ADs and their accounts are a prime target for attackers, so how do you go about insuring your assets are a bit safer? Eliminating weak passwords is a start.

Handling logs on AWS 19th august 2019

As we migrate our IT systems to the AWS cloud, it is imperative for us to be able to monitor their health and security. AWS does provide a range of tools for logging, however they feel fragmented and balky at times. Looking through logs in the dedicated AWS services was awkward at best, frustrating at worst, and definitely time-consuming. We needed a centralised, robust log storage and management infrastructure that we could control. So I built one!